About the Pastors

photo-full-portraitPastors Cecil and Mary Bradford are the founders and pastors of Abundant Life Family Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Being called and anointed by God to teach His word, they have prepared themselves by receiving Bachelors degrees in Religious Arts in Biblical Studies from the Jacksonville Theological Seminar, Jacksonville, Florida and graduating at Word of Life Bible Training Center, Jackson, Mississippi.

As licensed and ordained ministers, they have served as directors of the Singles Ministry at Word of Life Church, in Jackson, Mississippi for five years, taught in the Word of Life Bible Training Center for 8 years and have made two missionary trips to Kenya, East Africa.

In addition to pastoring, they conduct seminars for both married couples and singles and cover a wide variety of topics such as finances and ministry helps through Cecil Bradford Ministries, Inc.

“Our Father has used us to heal typhoid fever, malaria, cast out devils, heal feet, stomachs, backs and blood diseases…”

Bishop Bradford holds a Doctorate of Divinity from the Gospel Ministry Outreach Theological Institute in Houston, Texas.

Pastors Cecil and Mary Bradford are associates of Word of Life Church in Jackson, Mississippi and Faith Fellowship of Churches International in Brentwood, Maryland.

If you would like Pastors Cecil and Mary Bradford to conduct a meeting at your church you may contact them at (601) 584-8088 or email at info@cbradfordmin.